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1945 Concord Church #2 Rd.   Hopkinsville, KY  42240

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Sunday Worship 9:30am & 6pm


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Music lifts the spirit and encourages the faithfulness of each one and all together. Music expresses the joy and spirit of our Christian journey. Music touches more deeply than any other form of expression as we encounter God in the midst of life.

Concord Baptist church has been blessed with a number of talented people who love the Lord and love to sing His praise. God’s love is indeed our song and we love to sing it with joy and excitement. Whether it be a large group, ensemble, solo or congregational choir, music is an integral part of all we do.

Music at Concord
The music program at Concord has a place for you! We offer a vocal program which includes singers and non-singers, trained and untrained musicians. We believe that music provides the opportunity to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in congregational singing, choral performances and in the relationships formed between choir members. Music is key to our worship and an important part of the whole church program. We want to include a diversity of ages, abilities and styles of music. 

Our adult choir leads in worship most every Sunday in addition to performing at least two major works each year. This group enjoys singing one or two times throughout the year during our 5th Sunday nursing home ministry. We are strongly committed to caring for, praying with and encouraging each other as a family. We rely fully on the power of God and His holy Spirit, but give our best effort so we can present ourselves as a “workman who does not need to be ashamed” seeking the approval of God rather than the applause of man. Membership in this group is open to anyone who has a desire to sing and a love for the Lord.

The most important musical group at Concord Baptist is the congregational choir. Congregational singing is emphasized and encouraged in our worship service where the great old hymns of the faith are sung blended with new praise and worship songs. The scriptures clearly instructs us and encourages up to lift up our voices in praise to our God. The question we must ask ourselves in not whether or not we have a voice, but whether or not we have a song. “You love, O God is my song and I’ll sing it…”

We welcome those with further interest to join the vocal choirs, or to explore ways in which you can bring your musical gifts to our work and worship together.